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Cal is an Independant Music Artist from the United Kingdom. Cal writes and produces all of his music from his home studio. His passion has always been music ever since he was young. From the age of 16 Cal was touring the UK selling out shows with other artists. During the process of touring Cal released his first EP 'One Day'. It was not long after this that Cal decided to swicth up his 'Pop' Style and turn to HipHop & R&B as this was the type of music that inspired him to write and the music he enjoyed the most. Cal has just released his new single 'Rolly' which he has worked on for a long time.

Cal has been working hard behind the scenes in the Recording Studio at home, Writing, Recording and Producing his. own style of Music, he is hoping to release more music soon, Although Cal has taken a short break from Touring and Performing Live, he hopes to Release Music, and take his place a Credible Recording Artist.

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