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Cal Turner is a Hip Hop, R&B, Pop influenced Singer, Songwriter from a small village in Essex, England UK, starting out playing Football, and offers of Training as Career, it was Music that Cal was passionate about, not only that fact that both his Mother and Grandad are Musical Minded, something which runs in the Family.
Cal started out as a Music Video Extra with good friends Leo & Charlie (Bars & Melody), then going on to be invited to play Football with Celebrity Soccer Six, Cal knew his passion for Music would be enough to succeed, after undertaking some Gigs and Concerts, it wasn't long before Industry Manager: Mr Paul Holton came across Cal, after keeping an eye on his musical journey, Paul, approached him with an initial view of just helping him, with Social Media, Websites, and Bookings, but after a few Month's a Management Agreement was offered.
  With a Background in Music, Press and Youth Work, along with a high Knowledge of the Industry, the Team Work started.

Cal has been singing and performing for 3x Years Now, under Development with Management, he has undertaken 3x Sold Out UK Tours, attended high profile Gigs, Concerts and Festivals, all over the UK. His Fan Base is Stronger than most Celebrities and he is, an amazingly talented young man. Cal who is down to earth and with his caring nature, boyish good looks, and empathy to people, the fans simply love him, and follow his every move, his dedicated loyal supporters have given him the drive and determination to succeed in the industry, and he wants to meet as many of them as possible. 


Everyone in the Industry including Promoters, Talent and Fans, are always saying how well Cal Turner is doing, working alongside his Management, as a Solid TEAM they work hard and understand the industry, TRUST, LOYALTY and MUTUAL RESPECT are at the heart of the team. Cal is involved with various TEEN CHARITIES some in an Official Capacity and some UN-Official, helping other teens, and encouraging him to succeed, he does care and genuinely wants to help.


What makes Cal special is he has a genuine empathy, for others, he's willing to work hard, and really does appreciate the support he gets, as well as him wanting to help others, He has also visited Hospitals seeing and making sick teens happy. Cal has been given opportunities attending and interviewing high profile celebrities, through various magazines and event pr companies. 2015, 2016, 2017 Was a build-up, and every year the workload increases, and is always hectic, but after building a Strong Fan Base, and Constant Touring, back in late 2017 a break was needed, and a difficult decision was taken to slow down, to enable Cal, to find himself as a Recording Artist, and find his sound, so we decided to get into the Recording Studio and Write, his OWN MUSIC, every single supporter has been amazing, and has waited patiently for the NEW Music, to which is sounding amazing, 2018 has seen Cal release his EP with title track "ONE DAY", followed by early 2019 a NEW Single "IMAGINARY PROBLEM", so far this year is already looking busy, and everyone feels its time, for him to return to the stage.

As a singer, people don't always see what fully goes on, but Cal spends a lot of time on the road throughout the year, away from family and friends, it can be sometimes exhausting, and can feel very lonely, as a Teenage Singer you do have to sacrifice a lot, and when it's constant travelling, photo shoots, rehearsing, writing, video work, and practically 24-7 online social media interacting and keeping happy his supporters it is a lot of work.


It can be sometimes very difficult, but the constant support from his Management, Family, Friends and Supporters, always keeps him grounded and happy. Cal absolutely loves Music and meeting the loyal and dedicated supporters.


What makes Cal different is his ability to stay focused and very down to earth he is always approachable, and is never too tired to say hello so, Never be afraid to ask for that selfie or hug, as he genuinely loves meeting his supporters, and he does care, its what makes him happy.


Building Cal up as a credible and viable Artist, and doing it the right way with the supporters, is what we all want, we have taken our time, and not rush the process, during this year we will be releasing his own music, more merchandise to help and assist us to bring him to more cities across the UK, with more touring, events and performances.

"Thanks to Everyone for their Loyal, Dedicated and Continued Support, it is so much Appreciated ..... we hope you love the Original Music".
Cal has been working hard behind the scenes in the Recording Studio at home, Writing, Recording and Producing his. own style of Music, he is hoping to release soon, Although Cal has taken a short break from Touring and Performing Live, he hopes to Release Music, and take his place a Credible Recording Artist.
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