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Paul, started out in the music and entertainment industry back in 2003, professionally but for Paul it all started when he was 10 years old, attending the clubs and pubs with his parents: his mother and father both dancers, whilst his mother also a singer.  Paul started helping bands and singers at the clubs and pubs and, when only 15, going on the road as a roadie.


At an early age, he took up photography and promotional work for local bands, moving from clubs and pubs to music venues. Working with local promoters, Paul started to learn every aspect of the industry, and his passion for music, and especially live music emerged.

Music was just something that motivated and inspired him, enjoying the music and the excitement and adrenaline of touring.

After managing his first band at the age of 18 and becoming successful locally through various bands and singers, Paul took time out for a few years whilst undertaking music photography, and event promotion, working on local festivals, and concerts.

Paul's passion for music and work ethic put him firmly back in the management mindset and undertaking some tours and festivals.


Through working with various clients, both as a Talent & Music Manager, PA, Social Media Manager or Promoter, Paul has built up a solid reputation for being the man with experience, trust, and respect amongst Artists, Managers, Promoters and Industry in general, together working with and networking with Artists, Managers, Promoters, PR & Press Agencies, and Branding Companies, Paul mixes Life Experience and Tactics. Over the years many singers and bands have wanted Paul to manage and work with them, but Paul has kept his clients to a minimum, as this devotes more time, to his clients.

Since 2015  when Paul, started to manage Cal Turner, he has helped develop Cal, and guide him with his music career, the two working together to form a solid business sense and work ethic, along with mutual friendship and trust.


Paul has toured the UK with Cal Turner and other Clients, working with both Promoters, Brands, and Building a Core Supportive and Dedicated Fan Base.

Over the years Paul has gained valuable life experiences to which helps him, keep calm under pressure, and to be able to handle almost any situation.

Back in early 2019, after successfully touring and releasing music for 4x Years, although Paul and Cal worked well together, it was becoming apparent that Cal needed a break from Touring and Gigs, in order for him to concentrate fully on producing his own style of music, this also enabled Paul to develop and work more with his other clients.

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