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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Welcome to the New and Hopefully Improved Official Cal Turner Website. It's been an enjoyable but hard working long progress, with over 150 hours spent re-vamping and re-designing this website.

We have implemented a few things including a Brand New Subscribers List, whereby anyone can receive Email Updates from Cal and Myself. We have also included something allot of people have asked for, that is a Dedicated Members Area, whereby each person has their own Profile Page, and Access to Behind the Scenes, including Video Messages and Photos, from Cal and his Management.

This Blog Page you are Reading, is Exclusive to Members Only, which means no one can view unless you screen shot or copy and re-upload.

You can Join Both: Subscribers / Membership Area if you choose.

So whats the real reasons behind a Website Update, well, its simple, Cal and Myself have been busy behind the scenes, Cal Musically both Writing and Recording Music, and Myself busy with Websites, Social Media Re-Branding, and an EP Launch, its allot of Work, but its very much Team Work.

We want everyone to know, that we have missed you all, but it was necessary to take a short break from Events, Gigs, and Touring, so we both could concentrate on the Release of Cal's Own Original Music, the lads worked hard, and the songs are from him, every lyric means allot to him, and hopefully, the "Music will speak, louder than words", can.

Both in the Gym and Recording Studio, Cal is Fully Motivated to Release Music, Perform Live and give back to those who have been loyal, dedicated and who have supported him since the beginning.

Cal and Myself have worked hard behind the scenes, all that's left now, is for you to help, Share, Post, and Spread the Word about - Cal Turner !!!

Thanks for Reading this !!!

Follow Cal Turner and his Management via their Official Membership Profile Pages:

Kind Regards

Talent & Music Management - London, UK

Manager for: Cal Turner


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